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Welcome to  Bonita Brazil

Alessandra and Ricardo, originally from Brazil, are the proud founders of this home-based company that aims to bring the best of Brazilian colors and design to the United States.


The idea to bring Brazilian jewelry to America came to Alessandra one day, after many months of receiving so many compliments on the Brazilian jewelry she was wearing. Our friends and random people would repeatedly say to her “Alessandra, what a beautiful necklace/earring/bracelet”, followed by the usual question “where did you get it from?” When she replied that the jewelry was from her native Brazil, they couldn’t help to sigh in disappointment. “I guess I’ll have to wait until I go there one day, or perhaps when you travel again you can bring me some.” 


So one day, we decided to take matters into our own hands and bring these products to make them available in the United States.

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you the same thing. The best things that Brazil has to offer are the creativity, passion and originality of its people. That is reflected in everything they do and everything they wear, especially in their jewelry.


Our products are designed to inspire, and to give you a little bit of the magic that makes Brazilian women so beautiful, colorful and charming.


Our products are truly Made in Brazil. Most of them use genuine Brazilian natural raw materials, like gemstones, and golden grass (a natural fiber that turn golden naturally when mature). We chose them to be authentic and unique in the USA.

We hope you enjoy our products and be proud to use our selection of the best that Brazil has to offer!

Where does the name come from?

Bonita Brazil is a reference to the beauty of Brazilian Women.

Gloria Kalil (Brazilian fashion consultant) has a statement that describes how Brazilian women feel: "I believe the happiest and most beautiful is the woman who looks at the mirror and feels beautiful."

Our goal is to bring products and tips that help women smile, feel happy and beautiful when they look in the mirror.

All of our website design elements including the font style, logo and color palette were specially picked by designer Silvia Araujo.


Welcome to Bonita Brazil!

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